EGO – and the mania that ensues

The EGO topic has been coming up quite a bit for me recently. Either seeing it in others, noticing areas where mine is cropping up, or discussing it among friends. Formerly, my EGO ran my entire life, and I was vacillating from feeling absolutely entitled to everything I wanted and thought I should have, to feeling completely worthless and less than. And the pendulum would swing, one moment feeling better than someone else (“because don’t you know who I am?”) and the next I would feel waves of shame, worthlessness and despair because I didn’t think I measured up. I was trapped by judgements, stories, memories, fear and pride. It’s sad just thinking about that mental agony.  It fueled a selfish and lonely life. And I know some of you can probably relate.

So, where does this EGO come from? What is its purpose?

It is the principle that exists in our psyche that separates us from one another, helping us to organize the characteristics of our personality that allows us to function within the world. Where the EGO becomes a problem is when we allow it to get out of control. The EGO is supposed to be in service to our highest self, but when we let it take priority over our divine purpose is where we find the self will run riot. The key to ensuring that our EGO doesn’t cause chaos running the show, is to implement checks for ourselves, and continue to restore balance.

Staying in touching with our higher power, through various channels such as prayer, meditation, writing or singing maintains our connection to our highest self and allows it space to expand. Allowing ourselves to be of service prevents us from being too heavily self focused, and provides us perspective over the rumination that sometimes plagues our minds. Remaining accountable and in connection with others who are able to remind us of our true nature, put us in check with “reality” when necessary, and restore our feeling of interconnectedness in the universe is another workable and effective method to maintain balance with our EGO and highest self.

The EGO is not a bad thing, and doesn’t need to be banished completely, after all we were created in the image of whatever each of us believe our higher power to be. We are inherently wonderful, and each of us has the capacity for ultimate goodness. Treating others and ourselves with love and kindness remains the prescription I will advise. Be well, my beautiful friends. I love you.

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