Feeling off? Might be something in the stars…

I would never consider myself an expert on astrology, but I am an expert about my own experience. In this age of influencers, it seems like there is an expert on anything and everything you could possibly think of – but I don’t think it’s necessary to be doctorate to have something to say. Call me a skeptic, but I think most of the self-proclaimed experts are really just being generous with the title.

The last couple of months have been really challenging for me, and these days, I tend to look at my own environment (internal and external) and take note if others around me are also experiencing “feeling off”, before I start to dig in on what might be going on energetically.

Ironically, yesterday happens to be the birth of a new moon, which is when the moon, sun and earth are positioned in such a way that the moon becomes almost entirely invisible (or just barely visible) to human eye. Right now, there is also a retrograde for the planet of Mercury – which means that it appears to be moving backwards from the perspective we see other planets, here on Earth. Each planet moves in its own orbit, all at varying speeds in a variety of distances from the sun. We do know that positions of other planets affects human significantly, given we (typically) rise and work during sunlit hours and sleep while it’s out of our view. Energy and nature highlight direct connections to our atmosphere, examples being changing seasons, climate and weather.

Astrology is commonly dismissed as “woo-woo”, but for the sake of new information and perhaps some fun table talk, you’re welcome to keep reading to learn about this new moon in the sign of Libra, and how the mercury retrograde might affect you. Mercury retrogrades are most commonly buzzed about because of the types of effects this particular planet is known to have in the realms of communication and technology. Server crashes and texts from ex’s are just a couple of the significant events that might happen during a retrograde (hello to MY last week!)

The sign of Libra is governed by the planet, Venus, which symbolizes love, relationships and harmony, while one of the planet that is in retrograde (Mercury) is a symbol of communication, intelligence, reason and language. New moons can be a time for beginnings, new changes or the start of a chapter. However, during a planet’s retrograde it is often suggested to not take on anything new, at least to the extent that this planet symbolizes. As if a mercury retrograde weren’t significant enough – there are 4 other planets also in retrograde as of today. Let’s take a look at what those other planets are said to symbolize… take a look at the dates when each retrograde started and cross check for any of your own recent significant events:

Neptune: (June 25- December 1) Imagination, Dreams, Delusions, Spirituality

Uranus: (Aug 19- January 18) Rebellion, Eccentricity, Individualism, Liberation, Upheaval

Jupiter: (June 20- October 18) Luck, Growth, Optimism, Achievement, Success, Expansion

Saturn: (May 23- Oct 10) Structure, Law, Reason, Discipline, Responsibility

AND… Pluto just came out of retrograde: (April 27- October 6) Transformation, Death, Rebirth, Power, Evolution

Perhaps nothing sticks out or speaks to you – but I do think there is truth to the saying, “You will find what you are looking for.”

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