I’m a yogi, big time – and my practice isn’t the most profound and advanced repertoire of technique and skills that you’ve ever seen. But I call myself a serious yogi because I am serious about the practice, showing up daily as a devotion to myself and the community, and I basically never get out of yoga pants. I’m also serious about comfort.

I began practicing yoga over ten years ago, and what started as a purely physical alternative form of exercise, slowly transformed into a mental, emotional and physical practice that I’ve integrated into my daily life. To deepen my understanding and propel my skills, I took on teacher training during a difficult transitionary period in my life.  I’ll just out with it, I got a divorce.  I believe yoga saved me from anxiety, depression and gave me a sense of purpose during these intense and stressful life events. My passion for teaching comes from a desire to share with others the experience of this ancient tradition that has brought me so much peace, awareness, compassion and patience. I particularly enjoy attending to students who may find yoga challenging, physically or mentally, seeing others move past certain obstacles along the journey of yoga gives me a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. Anyone who has said to me “I can’t do yoga”, finds themselves in an interesting and expected conversation. Everyone does yoga, because yoga is “to unite”, and connection is what humans desire probably above all else.

I am trained in facilitating insight meditation, a practice which has benefited all areas of my own life and my relationships. I am glad to share and guide others who are interested in deepening their inward journey.

Please fill out the contact page if you are interested in consultation for yoga, meditation or spiritual counseling.