Yoga for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety has been, for me, a harborer of temporary paralysis, a catalyst for poor decision making, and barrier for restful sleep for a majority of my life. I have tried every imaginable remedy to relieve my ailment including but not limited to, compulsive and excessive exercise, binge drinking, coloring books, psychotherapy, pharmaceuticals, hypnotherapy and the list can go on. In my pursuit of relief from what has been diagnosed for me as “generalized anxiety disorder”, I’ve been promised over and over again that freedom would be found in pills, elixirs, sessions, treatments and remedies. None have lived up to their word. So I will not offer that yoga will cure your anxiety, and in truth, it may not even partially relieve it. What I have found to be true is that when it comes to anxiety – nothing is going to help me if I am not willing to do some of the work, myself.  I am the biggest indication of whether or not my anxiety will subside, but yoga always meets me there, when I make myself vulnerable and show up to my mat. Bearing my heart and soul, open to allow this ancient practice to assist me as I work through the emotions, no matter how intense they are. With all of this in mind, here is a sample sequence that will greatly benefit someone who is ready and willing to release emotions that are not serving your highest self.

Keep in mind, focusing on your breath and sensations in your body will assist the yoga asanas in bringing you further away from the anxiety and deeper into the present moment, whatever that may entail. Please leave me any questions, comments or concerns you’d like me to elaborate on.

love and light. – kylan


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